Yoga Classes & Private Sessions


Namaste!! I am a certified Yoga Instructor, registered with Yoga Alliance.
I am available in Berlin, Germany and in Modica, Sicily for private lessons or classes.
The studio schedule for Modica, Sicily is as follows:

Yoga a Modica:
Sono disponibile a Berlino, Germania e Modica, Sicilia per lezioni private e corsi. Il programma per lo studio a Modica sara’ il seguente:
Sono anche disponsibile per Yoga a Ragusa e Modica / Yoga in Provincia di Ragusa o dintorni / anche gruppi o privati.
O potete trovare piu’ informazione su Yoga Ibla su FB
Un nuovo corso di Vinyasa per principianti iniziara’ 4 Marzo 2017 a Ragusa – ci sono posti limitati. Prenota in anticipo per avere un sconto: 10 lezioni 90 Euro. Dopo 20 Febbraio i prezzi rimangano 10 lezioni 100 Euro. Contattami per piu’ informazione!

Please contact me for rates and memberships.


See below for private lessons.

My yoga styles include:

  • vinyasa flow
  • power yoga
  • hatha yoga
  • gentle / yin yoga

And don’t forget to check out the great yoga class in Berlin, Germany at the end of every month! We will have yoga with a lovely buffet: everything your heart desires!! (Scroll down at the bottom of UpsideDownBar page under WHAT’S ON)
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What is the difference in yoga sessions?
A vinyasa flow session will be a faster moving class. Breath and movement are connected; positions are not held for a very long time. There are elements of power yoga and hatha yoga combined into this class.
A hatha yoga class will be slower-paced. Asanas (positions) are held longer and elements of pranayama and kriyas will be incorporated.

Gentle or yin yoga focuses on deep-tissue stretching and the poses may be held for several minutes at a time.
What is a Vinyasa flow? A vinyasa flow can be Ashtanga inspired or takes asanas from hatha yoga and incorporates them into a flowing yoga to keep the body heated up and continue to move the muscles and improve circulation. It is meant to keep the asanas moving from one to another and connecting them together with the breath. In essence all yoga comes from Hatha Yoga, but on the contrary, not all Hatha Yoga is Vinyasa. For example, Sivananda yoga focuses on asanas and apart from Suyra / Chandra Namaskar, can have some very static movements.
Do I need to be an expert to do a Vinyasa flow with you? No! I understand that many people have not yet taken a yoga course and that is fine. I work with beginners. My classes can range from beginner to advanced and in between, it just depends what you want to get out of the course. All the postures have modifications in them, so you only need to go as far as your body tells you. Beginners find this useful because they have a point from which to start with; advanced practitioners find this useful because they can working on deepening their strength and flexibility.
Do I do private lessons? YES! One-on-one lessons are 60 Euro per hour by appointment only and I teach in Italian, English or German.
Do I do group lessons? YES! Group sessions are currently in session Monday – Thursday. If you have another class you would like me to teach, contact me for rates. I currently teach classes in English, German or Italian!
Where did you complete your training? I completed my YTT in Rishikesh, India!
Do you offer coaching on health and wellness, as well as tips for eating right and improving my life? I have over 15 years experience in LIVING a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating right, exercising, managing stress and following a good code of ethics.
Have you seen doctors that tell you to stop-smoking — but then they go to smoke a cigarette?? Have you had personal trainers that promote healthy eating, then eat big macs and take steroids?? Can you follow their advice if they do not follow their own?? How do you know if they really have the “fruit on the tree”?
If you would like tips on changing your life, finding your purpose, getting back on track or tackling specific goals, contact me for a free consultation. Namaste!