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Yoga & Self Transformation

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Stacie is a natural born leader and teacher. From a young age she was able to inspire and see the highest potential within human beings.

She innately understands that human beings are loving, compassionate beings and capable of the highest good, but that circumstances or subconscious programming have a tendency to initiate a descent into the lower realms of the body. It is this lower energy that Stacie has the ability to transmute to help lift those spirits back into the higher realms and higher consciousness, liberating the negativity and demons that holds one back.

As a transformation happens, she lovingly gives others the space they need, but at the same time she pushes them to do more than they believe they can do.

“Each individual is a giant unto themselves, they only need to be believe that they are”

She is committed to leading people to that sacred space within themselves, allowing them to gain access to the tools that will propel them to transform their lives. She ignites the fire within each individual.

She has a background in classical music and fitness. Her musical training compliments yoga extremely well as she is able to feel the human body, the vibrations and energy within. She tunes in perfectly to the groups and individuals she teaches, knowing exactly what someone needs when they need it.

“Music and body together is the ultimate alchemy.”

Her background in fitness and healthy living has allowed her to gain knowledge on a physical level, especially how the human body behaves based on what we do, what we eat or what situations we are in. Stacie is a vegan and follows a simple, yogic diet which nourishes the body and cleanses the mind.

“It’s not “under” eating that is killing the human race; ultimately it’s overeating.”

Stacie follows Universal Law and a good Code of Ethics:

  • Harm nothing or no one
  • Live with integrity
  • Leave the world, and the people in it, better than you found it
  • Help people feel better about themselves when you meet with them
  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Practice conscious awareness
  • Smile and embrace the good parts of life 🙂